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November News

A recap on our last LIVE class - Working the. Angles and what's coming up next on IQ Summit

What an exciting webinar we had for October! With a record number of participants showing up live to learn and ask questions.

Tonia Brooks outdid herself with this simple but creative concept to create cross hatching in borders with a huge variety of twists!

Endless designs can be created and she showed you how, plus provided inspiration on creating your own unique designs to suit the quilt you are stitching them on. Just imagine your customers delight when they receive a unique twist on a traditional design on their quilts. I was thrilled with the responses in our IQ Summit FB group and all the designs that people came up with since this class.

Did you miss the live?  

If you are a paid member of IQ Summit or our Gold member group of Academy then you can find it in your My Courses page to discover what you missed out on. You just need to login to this site to then have the 'My Courses' page appear in the top navigation bar.

But never fear!! If you haven't decided to subscribe to watch any of the hours and hours of content yet, then you can simply purchase this course individually to watch at your leisure. The value is so much more than the price when you also get a bonus pattern for your Intelliquilter PLUS the tools to make your own along with great advice and inspiration.  

If you don't have time to learn how to create these yourself or have a different computer system that does not allow you to do this, then Tonia has been busy creating a package of designs that you can purchase right now! Click on the image to make these yours.

Coming up next is a new 10 minute tutorial

There are times when the traditional Baptist Fan design, that requires overstitching perfectly to look good, is just too stressful. On large quilts we have enough issues keeping designs from overlapping due to quilt shrinkage and when we need overstitching to be perfect to look good it is nearly impossible.

So learn how to create gorgeous Baptist Fan designs with unique extras with no overstitching to worry about using the tools on your Intelliquilter.   

10 minute tutorials can be found exclusively for paid members on your dashboard or My Courses page. 

IQ Summit Facebook group

Have you joined our community here on Academy or on the FREE Facebook Group for IQ owners? Click on the Facebook icon to join in and see all the amazing designs that everyone has come up with already, building on what they have learned inside this class. If you are a paid member of IQ Summit or the Gold Members group then we also have a private community inside this platform as well. You can find the link on the top of this page to explore the community you are enrolled in here.

Would you like to have more information at your fingertips to help you with your Longarm Business?
Then head on over to check out the Resources I’ve prepared for you. A really valuable article with a downloadable pdf is a Longarm troubleshooting checklist that everyone should print and use when having machine issues!

We discuss many relevant topics in our monthly live Q & A sessions where we all learn something new and useful each time. From these, courses and articles are created, to build out our library of resources for members to find and utilise when needed.
Then join us in the Gold Member Group of Machine Quilting Academy. If you are already a paying member of IQ Summit then contact me for a special discount voucher to sign up to this service.

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