Machine Quilting Academy
the key to your success!

A single place to get all your machine quilting and business questions answered.

I would like to introduce you to Machine Quilting Academy ... 
the key to your success!

Join with International Award winning quilter, 
entrepreneur, event creator & manager, 
retail business owner and longarm expert 

Tracey Browning

who has mentored thousands of machine quilters to be successful in their own business and quilting endeavours.
Who is this for?

Machine Quilting Enthusiasts

Do you love quilting, but spend too much time looking for answers to your questions?

Are you running a successful quilting business

We are here because we love to quilt, but we also need to earn a living! We will share many business skills & information to assist you to have a thriving machine quilting business. Learn from Tracey’s and others experiences to avoid pitfalls and disappointments.

Coming later: Work smarter, not harder to expand your business!

Are you ready to move to the next level?
In this area we will work closely with you to evaluate your skills and direction in the quilting industry. We will find the right niche for you to grow into and assist you by guiding you to success.

Come inside to find...

  • How to solve your frustrations when you need to find answers to your machine quilting questions.
  • Learn to avoid wasting valuable time searching all over the internet.
  • Join us as we create an all in one community to encourage and learn how to overcome your creative mistakes.
  • Founding member launch is coming up soon! Be prepared to take action for a never to be repeated founding member price.

It's a new day!
A new way to be supported and educated on all things machine quilting. A membership is the perfect way to gain insight from your peers in a safe and nurturing environment and a place to ask all those questions that we all have, but are too afraid to ask.  I know that the best way to help you, as a machine quilter, is on an ongoing basis, month after month.
Monthly LIVE Q & A
sessions are invaluable. You can submit your ?'s and I'll answer the top 10 each month and record them to refer back to within the membership. I may even surprise you with an invited guest who can provide an alternative point of view!
All courses that are specifically created for members will be available whilst you are a current member. Help build exactly what YOU need to benefit you. If you don't want to be a member then that's OK too. Most courses will be available to purchase individually to keep forever.

Public Member Directory Listing:
As an added bonus you can elect to be included in a public listing of Machine Quilters online with a live link to your personal website or Facebook page to drive traffic.  Earning a 'membership' badge to Machine Quilting Academy will give your customers confidence in your endeavours to be the best you can be. Relevant courses, once completed satisfactorily will gain you a certification that you can use to promote your commitment to excellence.

Build a creative business you love
Live the life of your dreams...

  • Are you frustrated when you need to find answers to your machine quilting issues?
  • Would you like support when your quilting machine has gremlins?
  • Do you need tips to learn how to deal with those wonky and uniquely pieced quilts (bless your heart quilts)?
  • Are you tired of repeating the same old designs you always do? Want new inspiration?
  • Do you want to be challenged to build your repertoire of skills?

Together ...

  • You will be supported and encouraged
  • You will learn new skills and be challenged to grow!
  • You can build your business to suit YOUR lifestyle
  • and learn how to be more efficient with your time
  • You WILL earn what you are truly worth!

The Intelliquilter (IQ) support and knowledge provided by Tracey Browning is first rate! Her experience as both an A1 Quilting machine &  IQ dealer and award-winning machine quilter are invaluable in assisting me with any technical issues I have had over the years. I am so impressed by her knowledge that I purchased a membership to IQ Machine Quilting Academy as soon as I heard about it. Highly recommend Tracey’s skill and know how!

Carla Barrett

Longarm quilter and International quilting teacher

To be successful at a business you have to invest yourself. Education, commitment, service and understanding of others needs, they form the platform for a solid foundation in any business.  Tracey has shared her unique knowledge and business acumen with her students and has contributed to the building the dreams of others.  I take great pleasure in calling her my mentor.  I hope you all get the opportunity too.

Tonia Brooks

Digital Pattern designer, teacher & longarm quilter for hire

Join us as we create an all in one community to encourage and learn how to overcome your creative mistakes.
(Individual courses available NOW!)
When we are ready to launch the membership group - be the first to join to be a founding member. Special bonuses will apply...