Canva Basics for Quilters

work through the core features to start your Canva journey!

DO YOU NEED great looking  GRAPHICS?

It can get expensive purchasing or finding a professional to create amazing images for you to use in your business to impress your customers and to use online to spread awareness of your services.

So why not spend a couple of hours learning how to use one of the best FREE online design platforms available today to do just that. You have total control and flexibility to create endless designs with thousands of templates to simply update with your branding colours, fonts and words.

Look great, impress your customers and watch your followers grow as you attract their attention with amazing designs to show off your skills and promote your services.

My promise
to you today ...

  • To inspire you to grow your business using free tools
  • Show you the basics to create your own graphics
  • Become a ninja designer to exude professionalism to your customers!

Using Canva is super easy,

Let me show you how it works in short simple steps...

Course Summary

Canva is an amazing online resource that allows you to create unlimited designs for yourself and your business. Learn the basics to get started using this FREE resource.

Course Curriculum

Tracey Browning

Over 30 years being in the quilting business, Tracey has experience in so many areas that she is keen to share with you. From her early years as a quilt teacher, quilt designer, pattern designer, magazine and quilting books contributor to then moving into longarm machine quilting for customers, becoming the Australian Dealer for A1 Quilting machines and Intelliquilter computer systems. Her own customers have long applauded her dedication to mentoring and supporting them as they learn and grow.

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