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Impressive Gridwork 2022

From large custom grids to smaller heirloom custom designs – join with me to rev up your allover and background design choices.

What you will receive:

This course started on 30th March and ran weekly on Wednesday mornings at 9am ADST (South Australia) for 14 weeks.

The LIVE presentations will be recorded so you can watch these at anytime that suits you, but being present will enable immediate answers of questions and clarification when required. You will receive reminders 1 day and 1 hour before the Live classes start with a link to join the zoom session Or you can watch right in the browser inside the course each week.

From large custom grids to smaller heirloom custom designs – join with me to rev up your allover and background design choices by using different shaped grids and a variety of quilting designs on, in and through them.

After this has run LIVE for YOU - it will then be offered again with a new short registration period for new students. Currently it is closed for registrations to allow us to fully engage and keep up together throughout the curriculum. We have our own community that will be monitored closely to ensure your full understanding of each component and where you can share your achievements and variations to further grow your repertoire of gridded quilting designs.

There will be week by week homework, and daily interaction with Tracey over the 14 weeks of class. In addition, those who purchased the course will have full access to all class materials forever with ongoing quilting support and feedback from Tracey in our private community until July 31, 2022.

Instructions and demonstrations will be done by drawing and on a longarm sewing machine. All designs are suitable for both domestic and longarm freehand quilting, however many use rulers so you will need a ruler foot and extended base to safely achieve some of these.

I have packed a lot into this 17+ hr course, so please stay committed to the end and utilising the designs. Use this as a jumping off point to create your own variations to implement in your quilting endeavours.

  • Live discussion each week with both drawn design, photo of block and video of stitching on a Longarm
  • Cutting and piecing instructions to make the sampler quilt with 60 different grid designs

Printable Grids to use/trace/design with



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Julie Woods Woods

Fabulous class for anyone!

Wow, is my final thought on this class. Not only were we able to be present at the live class each week that Tracey taught but were are able to go back and check it out, stopping the video when we need to and then continue when we are ready. Not only did we learn near 60 designs of grid work but Tracey told us of the best thread weight with each design and why. Also because Tracey has stitched out the designs multiple times herself she had worked out the easiest stitch path for each design. Question were asked during the live classes and then if you had questions later there is a forum where you can do this and Tracey gets back to you in very good time. Students also are able to help with their thoughts too. I highly recommend this class no matter what type of machine you have, domestic or longarm. Each week we are able to draw out the designs on paper with graphs Tracey has given us to download. Just do this class!

2 years ago
Ross Dawkins

Value Plus – Impressive Gridwork

During The 14-week course Tracey has taught a group of students from across the world an easy way to be able to fill spaces on a quilt with simple to the exquisite gridwork. With the use of templates, (downloaded) simple tools and following the videos livestream enabled us to do grid work on a sampler quilt has been fantastic and of great value. Highly recommended!

2 years ago
Mem Ferguson

Impressive Gridwork

Wonderful course. Maybe a little too much in each weeks lessons but we all survived and learnt a great deal.

2 years ago
Helen Wigg

A must do coarse

I am so pleased to have completed this coarse I learned so much about grids. How to create & stitch out grids as well as where is the best please to use them, which threads to use & why. I recommend this coarse to anyone who wants to expand there quilting knowledge.

2 years ago

Course Curriculum

Tracey Browning

Over 30 years being in the quilting business, Tracey has experience in so many areas that she is keen to share with you. From her early years as a quilt teacher, quilt designer, pattern designer, magazine and quilting books contributor to then moving into longarm machine quilting for customers, becoming the Australian Dealer for A1 Quilting machines and Intelliquilter computer systems. Her own customers have long applauded her dedication to mentoring and supporting them as they learn and grow.

To be successful at a business you have to invest in yourself. Education, commitment, service and understanding of others needs, they form the platform for a solid foundation in any business.  Tracey has shared her unique knowledge and business acumen with her students and has contributed to the building the dreams of others.  I take great pleasure in calling her my mentor.  I hope you all get the opportunity too.

Tonia Brooks
Digital Pattern designer, teacher & longarm quilter for hire

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