Hollyday Christmas Design

Create designs purely using Line Pattern Feature

Course Summary

Start playing with all the elements in your geometrics folder as a line pattern and see how they behave. If you truly look at any/all quilting designs they are made up of very simple elements:- Arc, S Curve, Line, Loop, Hook

Course Curriculum

Tonia Brooks

It all began with a sewing machine, and they just got larger!  In 2010 I purchased my A1 Longarm Quilting Machine and learnt to handguide designs I made, along with LOTS of e2e from paper patterns. Three years later I purchased my IntelliQuilter ClassiQ System. A whole new world opened up for me. I have taught at Australian Machine Quilting Festival in 2016. Sharing the amazing capacity of IQ design and features. Teaching has always been a core value of mine and now I get to do this on the Machine Quilting Academy Platform. My motto is, "If you can imagine it, you can IQ it".

Barbara Anderson

Intelliquilter owner

I really enjoyed seeing Tonia use line pattern to draw out her designs. I am looking forward to trying it out. What a great way to create all those little sashing patterns. And if I need ideas, all I have to do is look through my shelf of old freehand design books.

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Hollyday Christmas Design

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  • Create designs purely using Line Pattern Feature

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