Mastering Custom Swag Quilting Designs

Build a library of unique and customised swag design choices to offer your customers

Transform Your Quilting: Master Custom Swag Designs Like Never Before!

Unlock the Power of our IntelliQuilter Software to Create Stunning Swag Patterns, from Simple Elegance to Complex Masterpieces. Perfect for Quilters Seeking Precision and Creative Freedom!

The course is designed for quilters seeking to enhance their machine quilting abilities with the IntelliQuilter system software, specifically focusing on creating custom swag motifs.

Covering a range of designs from simple shapes to complex patterns, attendees will discover how to leverage the capabilities of IntelliQuilter to produce exquisite swag motifs that bring a touch of refinement to their quilting projects. By blending theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and live demonstrations, participants will leave with the skills and assurance to craft intricate swag designs using this sophisticated quilting technology

Bonus extras to keep!

  • Printable pdf for basic swag execution 
  • Printable pdf for Advanced swag with piano keys background 
  • A selection of 10 x dxf patterns to get started

Benefits of mastering custom swags

Enhanced Visual Appeal: 
Quilted swag designs add an elegant and decorative touch to the borders of quilts, enhancing their visual appeal and making them stand out. The graceful curves and intricate patterns of swag motifs can complement the overall design of the quilt, creating a captivating aesthetic that draws the viewer's eye. 

Increased Texture and Dimension:
Swag designs quilted into borders add texture and dimension to the quilt, making it more tactile and visually interesting. The raised stitching of the swag motifs creates depth and contrast, enriching the quilt's surface and adding a tactile element that invites touch and exploration. 

Customization and Personalization:
Quilted swag designs offer endless opportunities for customization and personalization, allowing quilters to express their unique style and creativity. Whether using traditional swag motifs or creating custom designs, quilters can tailor the borders of their quilts to match the theme, color scheme, or overall aesthetic of the quilt, making each project truly one-of-a-kind. 

Professional-Quality Finish:
Incorporating quilted swag designs into the borders of quilts adds a professional-quality finish to the project, elevating the craftsmanship and attention to detail. The precision and intricacy of the quilting enhance the overall look and feel of the quilt, giving it a polished and refined appearance that reflects the skill and dedication of the quilter. 

Not just for borders - also for sashings!

Seamless Visual Cohesion:

Quilted swag designs in sashings create a sense of unity and cohesion throughout the quilt top, tying together individual blocks or sections into a harmonious whole. The flowing curves and elegant motifs of swag patterns serve as a unifying element that enhances the overall design and creates a cohesive visual flow from one part of the quilt to another.

Framing and Emphasis:

Swag designs quilted into sashings can frame and emphasize specific elements within the quilt top, such as focal blocks or appliqué motifs. By strategically placing swag motifs around these focal points, quilters can draw attention to them and enhance their prominence within the overall design, adding depth and interest to the quilt top.

Structural Support and Stability:

Quilted swag designs in sashings not only add decorative flair but also provide structural support and stability to the quilt top. The quilting stitches help secure the layers of fabric together, preventing shifting or bunching during the quilting process and ensuring that the quilt maintains its shape and integrity over time. Additionally, the added reinforcement from the quilting enhances the durability and longevity of the quilt, making it suitable for both display and everyday use.

By the end of this course, students will have mastered the art of designing and quilting custom swag motifs using the IntelliQuilter system software, enabling them to create breathtaking quilts with precision and creativity.

Course Pricing

Simple to complex custom swag designs

$30 USD

  • One time fee

    • Printable notes for piano key background
    • 10 x dxf designs to get started
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Course Curriculum

Tracey Browning

Over 30 years being in the quilting business, Tracey has experience in so many areas that she is keen to share with you. From her early years as a quilt teacher, quilt designer, pattern designer, magazine and quilting books contributor to then moving into longarm machine quilting for customers, becoming the Australian Dealer for A1 Quilting machines and Intelliquilter computer systems. Her own customers have long applauded her dedication to mentoring and supporting them as they learn and grow.

The Intelliquilter (IQ) support and knowledge provided by Tracey Browning is first rate! Her experience as both an A1 Quilting machine &  IQ dealer and award-winning machine quilter are invaluable in assisting me with any technical issues I have had over the years. I am so impressed by her knowledge that I purchased a membership to IQ Machine Quilting Academy as soon as I heard about it. Highly recommend Tracey’s skill and know how!

Carla Barrett
Longarm quilter and International quilting teacher

Course Pricing

Simple to complex custom swag designs

$30 USD

  • One time fee

    • Printable notes for piano key background
    • 10 x dxf designs to get started
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