Cog Designs for Edge to Edge quilting

Using path and geometrics to create fun designs for kids e2e

Course Summary

Learn more from Tonia and how her mind works in this course on designing, with tips and tricks using your Intelliquilter system.
The tools she used are:
Path pattern
Split tool
Repeat pattern
Distort tool
Magnet tool
Stretch tool
Scale tool
Combine pattern
Echo pattern
Update tool
Create and save elements

 Then there are tips on planning a design for E2E ie: square, rectangle or chevron interlocking style plus balancing a design and direction of stitching

Course Curriculum

Tonia Brooks

It all began with a sewing machine, and they just got larger!  In 2010 I purchased my A1 Longarm Quilting Machine and learnt to handguide designs I made, along with LOTS of e2e from paper patterns. Three years later I purchased my IntelliQuilter ClassiQ System. A whole new world opened up for me. I have taught at Australian Machine Quilting Festival in 2016. Sharing the amazing capacity of IQ design and features. Teaching has always been a core value of mine and now I get to do this on the Machine Quilting Academy Platform. My motto is, "If you can imagine it, you can IQ it".

Judy from Perth

Longarm quilter

Great session this morning. I've learned so much from these videos and have applied this information to the custom quilts I am doing for customers. Thank you really appreciate all this information
judy Perth WA

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Cog Designs for Edge to Edge quilting

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