Binding your quilt 2 ways!

Perfectly stitched mitred binding corners every time...

Course Summary

Learn how to stitch the binding on your quilts using either a domestic machine or your longarm machine, without the extra step of joining the binding in the middle of one side of your quilt! I'll show you how to start in one corner and then sew the mitred corners either as you go, or once it is on all four sides with the tails of the binding starting/stopping in the corner of your quilt. One less seam to worry about as well.

Course Curriculum

Tracey Browning

Over 27 years being in the quilting business, Tracey has experience in so many areas that she is keen to share with you. From her early years as a quilt teacher, quilt designer, pattern designer, magazine and quilting books contributor to then moving into longarm machine quilting for customers, becoming the Australian Dealer for A1 Quilting machines and Intelliquilter computer systems. Her own customers have long applauded her dedication to mentoring and supporting them as they learn and grow.

Experienced quilter!

Highly recommended course. Easy to understand, informative, very well organised. The Course is Full of Practical demonstrations for both domestic and longarm quilters and valuable for anyone who wants to improve the finishes on their quilts. It will save me one extra step also - by not having to join the ends of the binding along the side of the quilt! Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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